Weekly Preview

In exactly 7 days, the Penguins will be opening up the season against the Dallas Stars in Dallas on October 8th.  I hope you are all excited as this little guy:

baby pens

During the season, I will typically only be publishing blog posts after every game, which will include a recap and some impressions from myself.  In addition, I will occasionally post an article on an off day dealing with some type of specific statistic or observation about a player or even the team in general.

Now, leading up to the first game of the regular season, I am going to post an article every day to get everybody ready (and hopefully pumped) for hockey season.  I am seriously super excited about each and every one of these articles, so I highly recommend you read up!  As usual, I will post the link on my Twitter and Facebook accounts every day.  Here are the “headlines” of the articles I will be publishing this week as well as a little preview of what I will include in the article:

10/1 – Meet The New Guys – The Penguins made a ton of off-season moves, and there are a ton of new guys, and many of them will be on the opening night roster.  This will be a good little introduction of these players, some stats about the new guys, and what to expect from them this season.

10/2 – Bold Predictions – This is going to be one of my favorites to write.  I have 5 bold predictions for the Penguins this season.  Keep in mind, this article will not contain predictions such as “I think Crosby will lead the team in points this year.”  These are BOLD predictions.  How many of them will become reality?  We’ll have to find out.

10/3 – Projected Lineups – The Penguins play their final preseason game on 10/2, and although the game will not be televised, it will likely tell us a lot about what Johnston wants the opening roster to look like, but this doesn’t mean that they will be my exact projected lines.  For me, expect Daniel Sprong to start the season in the NHL

10/4 – Compare and Contrast This Year and Last Year – This will be almost a combination of previous articles.  If you keep up with my blog, you’ll know the new guys, you’ll have my projected lineup, so now we can compare this year’s team to last year’s.  Did the Penguins improve this off-season?  I’d like to think so…But did they improve in every aspect?  Well, we will have to see.

10/5 – Metropolitan Division: Is This the “NL Central” of the NHL? – The NL Central, composed of the Pirates, Cardinals, and Cubs, is being argued this year to be the best division in MLB history.  Similarly, the Metropolitan Division contains 5 teams that I could see winning the division, barring major injury.  Can the Metro be one of the strongest divisions in NHL history? We’re going to take a look.

10/6 – What Went Wrong Last Year? – The Penguins looked tremendous out of the gate.  They started the season 12-3-1 and everyone thought they were on their way to another year atop the Eastern Conference.  However, it came down to the last game of the season, where the Penguins had to beat a lowly Buffalo Sabres team just to squeeze in as basically the 8th seed.  What went wrong?

10/7 – Shoot the Puck! – Mike Johnston’s strategy focuses on one primary aspect: shooting the puck.  It drives me nuts when the Penguins pass up on shot opportunities, especially on the power play.  The question becomes: is Johnston’s strategy a good one to have?  Does shot volume translate to success?

Thank you for everyone who continues to read.  Keep up with me, because the Penguins season is getting ever so close.  Dust off those jerseys.  Let’s Go Pens!

Weekly Preview

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